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Horse riding


Discover the ocean

Are you ready to discover the ocean and the waves ? To gallop along the beach, to bathe with the horses ?

You will enjoy a beautiful space for fun. In a few hours, you will be on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Have fun and gallop freely along the desert sands in this magnificent environment



The Dakhla peninsula is called a lagoon as it is a paradise for kite surfers and more.

The lagoon is home and host to many seabirds, both sedentary and migratory such as flamingos and herons that you will have the pleasure to encounter during your horse riding tour.

Along the lagoon you will also contemplate the charm and beauty of the Dragon Island. It is a large dune of sand and rocks, which looks like a dragon when viewed from the coast. What a pleasure to gallop freely in such a beautiful setting! 

An instructor accompagnies you at each horse riding session.

Cost: 20€ per session per person.


Book your holiday with us and experience your passion for board sports in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

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