Wakeboard and towed buoys

On windless days, the Dakhla lagoon offers other sensations. Make way for water games with towed buoys and wakeboarding !!!!

Your instructor will introduce you to wakeboarding and help you improve, whether you are a beginner or already practicing. The objective is to make you experience gliding sensations and a real pleasure of being on the water. Learning is done by means of a bar fixed on the side of the boat, in the best safety conditions.


  • 15 min : 30 € ( 330 MAD ) / pers
  • 30 min : 50€ ( 550 MAD ) / pers

Comfortably installed on your buoy, you are towed in the lagoon of Dakhla by a boat. Following your motivation and your desires, quiet ride or extreme sensations …. 15 minutes of giggles guaranteed!

Discovery of the White Dune
and the Dragon Island by boat

Dragon Island the emblem of the region. A wild island in the form of a sleeping mythological dragon in the middle of the bay of Dakhla. We bask in the sun on the sandbanks, bathe in its warm waters, hunt for shells, take a clay bath, or explore its heights on foot.

White Dune

  • Group ( from 3 pers ): 35€ / 385 MAD
  • Semi private ( 2 pers ): 44€ / 484 MAD
  • Private: 86€ / 946 MAD


  • Group ( from 3 pers ): 22€ / 242 MAD
  • Semi private ( 2 pers ): 25€ / 275 MAD
  • Private: 50€ / 550 MAD


  • Group ( from 3 pers ): 25€ / 275 MAD
  • Semi private ( 2 pers ): 30€ / 330 MAD
  • Private: 60€ / 660 MAD

Reservation with the nautical base for all these activities. The most famous is the famous White Dune in Dakhla. Located in a strong wind corridor, this imposing dune remains mysteriously motionless despite its aerodynamic shape. A unique case in the world. You can take advantage of this magnificent setting to bathe.

You will sail between the dolphins or following the pink flamingos of Dakhla. For all ages (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult).

Reservation with the nautical base for all these activities.


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