Dakhla Evasion brings you an incredible kitesurfing spot. Go kitesurfing, windsurfing and so much more in Dakhla’s dream setting.

Lagoon spots


When you get here at low tide, you’ll see why it’s called the “speed spot”.
You have about 4km of totally flat and shallow water along the beach with an offshore wind. The perfect place to gain speed and learn to freestyle.
The setting is incredible!!
This kitesurfing spot is recommended for experienced surfers.
Downwind sessions to the Speed Spot with 4×4 return transfer.


Dakhla’s famous white dune is a jaw-dropping natural phenomenon standing in the middle of the lagoon.

The huge white sand dune has its own little lagoon. It’s the perfect place to take great photos and a go-to for flamingoes.

Subject to wind conditions, there are fantastic downwind sessions from the lagoon with a 4×4 return transfer.
An absolute must that you should do as much as possible.

Wave spots


This fishing village is around 30 minutes north of Dakhla Evasion and is a great spot sheltered from the wind by a sand cliff.

The waves and great rights at our kitesurfing spot are ideal for learning or practising surfing and SUP in Morocco.

You’ll see blue fishing boats sailing all day long.

Foum Labouir

Foum Labouir beach is near the town. This beach covers several miles and has long and perfect rights.

The fast and hollow swell from the wave levels out halfway through making it faster for beginner or intermediate to progress.

La Sarga

La Sarga is a fishing village on the southern tip of the Dakhla peninsula.

This kitesurfing spot on the Atlantic Coast is like the others in Dakhla; great conditions for riding on rolling right-hand waves for 8-10 seconds.

It’s the perfect spot for surfing and kitesurfing with a side offshore wind and incredible landscapes.


The rocky spur forms a small bay a short 4×4 drive from Dakhla Evasion.

The perfect blend of moderate wind and fantastic waves on the Atlantic Ocean.

The perfect place to have fun and make the most of the Sahara’s rolling waves.