The restaurant

Dakhla Evasion’s restaurant has a large view on the lagoon and offers you breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We are offering you a wide range of Moroccan and international cuisine. Meals are served buffet-style and you can choose among several first courses, dishes and desserts in order to regain your strength after long hours of sailing.

We are providing healthy and balanced diets that are renewed each day. You will have the pleasure to enjoy our Moroccan salads, fish, tagines, pastillas, couscous and other chef’s specialties. A la carte menus are also available on demand (Dakhla’s oysters, roasted lobsters, …).

Table water if free during the meals.

For special diets, you are welcomed to the reception. Our services can adapt to your needs.

The bar

You will enjoy spending the evening and having a drink with your friends in a friendly atmosphere.

The bar is open all day long in order to let you enjoy the terrace and the swimming pool.

You can also enjoy our fresh fruit juices and cocktails under the sun and the great view of the lagoon.

For security reasons, food and the drinks from Dakhla and from foreign countries can’t be brought inside the hotel, specially alcoholic drinks. All alcoholic drinks have to be brought to the reception and shall form the object of 20 € (220 MAD) / bottle corking fee.