Passport is mandatory (please check the validity date). We also recommend you to have a photocopy in case of lost or theft.  Minors of all ages should have their own passport. Minors who are not accompanied by their parents should also have an authorization to leave the country.

There is no mandatory vaccine. You shall check that the vaccines applied in Western countries (tetanus, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, typhoid) are up to date. For more information about the recommendations and sanitary measures you can check (World Health Organization).

When you arrive to Dakhla, a driver will wait for you with a sign hung DAKHLA EVASION. The shuttle is available even for late arrival.

The return transfer will be scheduled 2 hours and a half before your departure. You will be informed about the departure hour during your check out.

We provide sheet and towels. The towels can be changed on demand (if you let the towels ont the floor in the shower cabin).

Towels are also provided to the swimming pool.

Toiletries are included (shower gel and shampoo).

The room are cleaned every day.

Check in from 3.00 pm.

Check out before 12.00.

If you are leaving very early in the morning, you have to pay the bill at the reception on the eve before the dinner.

Our stay is full board. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Meals are served as buffet, including starter, main course, dessert and table water. If you have any special diet, please ask our chef a special menu.

The refund of your trip depends on the cancellation date, the departure date and the reason of the cancellation. More the cancellation date is late, you will have pay a higher cancellation fee (see our terms and conditions).

We recommend you an equipment breakdown insurance for kitesurf equipment rental. This insurance costs 25 € (275 MAD) for one-day rental and 70 € (770 MAD) per week.

Tourists who come with their own equipment can’t keep it in their rooms. A storage is provided for this purpose. We are offering you a package of 70 €/week including safety boat, beach assistance for take-off and landing of you kite wings, as well as an individual pigeon-hole.

With Royal Ai Maroc, you can travel with a free kitesurf board bag up to 23 kg, of the maximum size of 45 x 40 x 25.We advise you to check in your luggage from end to end, both outbound and return, even in case of night in Casablanca or Agadir. This will prevent you from queuing for check-in in Casablanca or Agadir.

With the Transavia you have the right to a 10KG cabin bag with dimensions up to 45 x 40 x 25, you have to add 29 € for a 20-kg luggage and 44 € for maximum 23-kg and 3.60 M board bag. See more

The storage fee includes :

  • a lockable storage room for your equipment, without theft insurance
  • a water point to wash it
  • access to the compressor to inflate your kitesurf wings
  • a boat insurance for the spot
  • your kitesurf wings take-off and landing assistance
  • a reception desk team who will explain you the terms and conditions of the spot, the weather forecast, the security rules, …

The equipment and accessories (suit, helmet, vest, harness, …) are provided for workshops. However, we recommend you to bring your own accessories for a better comfort. It is also recommended to wear slippers.

Don’t forget your sunglasses and your suntan lotion.

We can’t forecast wind conditions during your stay. Moreover, the size of the kitesurf wings depends on your size, your level, the kiteboard and the wind conditions.

When your departure day approaches, please check information about the wind and the tide on these 2 websites :

In order to rent the kitesurf material, an autonomous level is required. You have to know how to come back to the departure point unhindered, to go around a kitesurf wing into the water, to take off in water start, to ride upwind, to manage a 4 line kite. You will have to take a test under the supervision of a trainer. If you can’t validate these skills, you won’t be able to rent the kite and the trainers will recommend you a lesson according to their availability.

Besides the rules and precautions outlined at your arrival, trainers a providing a security service and a security boat always present on the site. All the interns will receive life vests. For clients using their own equipment, the safety boat is included in the storage package. However, the client who are selling in other sites which are not in front of the hotel can’t benefit from this insurance.

Dakhla provides exceptional statistics about wind and waves. However, these are just statistics. If the wind is lower, we can replace the services you booked by other activities such as :

  • SUP
  • wakeboard
  • horse riding on the beach
  • visiting the White Dune and Asma spring
  • visiting the town (souk, hammam, …)
  • tasting oysters
  • trips in the desert
  • quad
  • sailboat ride
  • skate
  • yoga


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