Come and experience the joys of boardsports with a smooth ride.
Stand up paddleboarding is an all-round sport suitable for anyone. You can get fit and have fun with unrivalled water thrills.

There are several types of paddleboarding:
Touring is the simplest way to start your SUP adventure. It involves using a hard or inflatable board to propel yourself on calm
water, like the lagoon, and enjoy yourself. The biggest advantage is that anyone can do it and you have unobstructed views of
the landscape. In terms of equipment, it’s best to have a long and wide board for improved stability.
SUP surfing involves catching approaching swells and paddling towards them. You can go wild with small boards or hop on a
longer board and go cruising. It’s easier to catch the waves than classic surfing as you don’t have to get up and you can see the
waves coming before everyone else.

Whether you’re surfing or touring, Dakhla is the perfect place for SUP beginners and experts alike. If there’s no wind then you
can paddle with the dolphins or follow Dakhla’s flamingoes. You can practise on the lagoon’s smooth water to get used to stand
up paddleboarding. You’ll learn the basics to be able to go stand up paddleboarding on your own and get the most out of your
SUP sessions taming the Moroccan waves in total safety.

Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult


Prices per person.

Tarifs Stand up paddle en vagues identiques au Surf.

Tarifs Stand up paddle sur la lagune :

15 € ( 165 MAD ) / 1H

20 € ( 220 MAD ) / 2H

Sup à l’ïle du Dragon avec un retour bateau : 30 € ( 330 MAD ) / pers